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[885.6kib] one of the mating pair of Red-Tailed Hawks that lives by me

[1.6mib] same one coming in for a landing

[9.0mib] Both of them in a tree, one landing (top right) and one taking off (bottom left)

[1.4mib] The one that took off in the previous picture flyin'

[859.6kib] A little after the previous picture

[1.9mib] a hawk just hangin' out on a tree

[4.4mib] takeoff

[1.5mib] my old red-tailed friend in a tree

[1.0mib] preparing for takeoff

[1.2mib] flaps goin'

[2.6mib] bald eagle by heber, utah

[1.3mib] soaring

[1.0mib] still going

[3.6mib] a cooper's hawk friend i made in my backyard

[2.6mib] the same cooper's hawk from a different angle

[4.4mib] a red-shouldered hawk that i regularly see on a path i walk on, these are the only shots i've gotten of it though

[4.2mib] looking around

[3.4mib] relocated, munching on its rabbit

[1.5mib] very suspicious a few seconds later, i made a noise accidentally

kitty cats

[4.2mib] a clouded leopard taking a nap

[3.9mib] a big boi in a strange sleeping position

[4.2mib] a hungry girl

[10.4mib] she standing

[5.3mib] nom nom

[4.0mib] lion around

[4.0mib] awoken

[3.7mib] annoyed

[3.9mib] still annoyed

[5.0mib] he s t r e t c h

[4.5mib] the classic serval experssion

[4.5mib] long legs


[4.6mib] a sleepy african wild dog first thing in the morning

[4.4mib] later in the day and a little more active

[4.2mib] the same awd a short while later


[3.9mib] american bison at rocky mountain arsenal (yum chemical weapons)

[2.1mib] a reef shark

[1.3mib] a manta ray


[10mib] zion national park

[4.3mib] somewhere in utah

[10.2mib] a spire thing at an unknown location

[1.8mib] the backside of the great sand dunes

facing upwards

[1.1mib] my overexposed and chromatically aberrated attempt at capturing the great conjunction on 2020-12-21.

[1.1mib] an annotated version so you can tell what's what

[947.2kib] an alternate lower-quality image

[4.0mib] f-16s flying over my house

[3.8mib] closeup

in my first and only foray into astrophotography, i took a picture of jupiter when it was

really close and easy to see.

taken with a 200mm lens, around 150 shots "stacked" with the siril image processing program

[276.1kib] digitally zoomed in to see more detail (and the horrible chromatic aberration of my lens)

[2.0mib] the uncropped version of the previous photo

[567.6kib] a stacked moon pic taken the same night

man-made things

[2.5mib] an underwater hallway

[3.0mib] a very liminal space

[1.6mib] the u.s. capital building

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