my bookmarks and subscriptions

I'm publishing my bookmarks and subscriptions here so other people can check out a lot of content. I'm subscribed to almost all semi-regularly-updated English content on Gemini, so there's quite a bit that's not on CAPCOM that you could find. I'd publish my actual aggregated feeds page but I use Lagrange's built-in feeds.

this page is updated regularly, but the raw exported bookmarks from lagrange are guaranteed to be the most up-to-date source, since i subscribe to new content regularly


Sites I visit often for a variety of reasons, but am not subscribed to. I call these “quickmarks” after qutebrowser's quickmark/bookmark dichotomy.



GAMS Board

Garden Gnome Society


Gemini Homepage

Gemini Wikipedia


Lagrange gemini directory

My site

sloum - drift theory


Statistics on the Gemini space - LUPA

When will gemini support *?

saved articles

Articles I liked and want to revisit. I bookmark articles like this as a poor man's wallabag or shaarli. Maybe I should write a bookmarking service for Gemini, another project idea that I'm never going to finish?

Software Dependencies

Discord by Microsoft.

a selfhosted netflix clone

Bits & Pieces

Failings of Moral Philosophy, Re: Idiomdrottning - Means vs Ends

Festive Magic, Ya Eejits

Gemini is Useless

Gemini to Epub

learning that gemini isn't http

Parsing UTF-8

Project Gemini Specification

Rambling: Keep your server software light

Rust: "Move fast and break things" as a moral imperative


The Disarray Data Type — bjorn


all my subscriptions are listed here

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