hi! i'm alex (a.k.a. nytpu), and i do some programming and electronics projects. i also watch an extreme number of movies and sometimes write about those. i sometimes take pictures, but i don't publicise the majority of them.

i've been on gemini since may 2020—not necessarily on this specific site—and have browsed gopher off and on for longer.

stuff i make & do:

my gemlog — long-form writings on a variety of topics

my flight log — short, microblog-esque snippets and stream-of-consciousness thoughts

my film and tv diary, with ratings and reviews.

my reading log, with ratings and commentary.

photos i've taken, updated semi-regularly

text files, ascii art, and more

a cheetah a day! aptly posts a cheetah picture a day.

the project gemini gemini archive — archiving project gemini (the space program)

my coding projects end up on git.nytpu.com (or in the memory hole of backup drives)

my subscription feed

my subscriptions are aggregated using comitium

about & contact

stuff i like:

I used to have lots of links here, but instead I just decided to publish all of my bookmarks and subscriptions instead!

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